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Barefoot Yoga Zabuton

A Zabuton is a sitting mat on which the zafu meditation cushion is placed - sort of like a lily pad...


Barefoot Yoga Gayatri Mantra Sanskrit Zafu

    Gayatri Mantra:     Sanskrit Meaning - Through the coming, goin..


Barefoot Yoga Lotus Zafu

The lotus flower, a symbol for new beginnings and infinite potential, brings about transformation an..


Barefoot Yoga Mandala Embroidered Zafu

These unique and beautiful zafus have mandala-inspired embroidery, offering an elegant and colorful ..


Barefoot Yoga Solid Zafu Meditation Cushion

Our round zafu cushions are made from exceptionally soft 100% cotton twill fabric and filled with bu..


Bheka BREEZE Round Zafu Inflatable Round Sit Cushion

The bheka BREEZE round pleated sit cushion is traditional and contemporary all at once. The ..


Bheka Celestial Crab

Heavenly experiences await you on the Bheka Celestial Crab your personal rocket ship to ..


Bheka Round Cotton Yoga Zafus With Organic Buckwheat Fill

The Bheka round, cotton, zafu cover, filled with organic buckwheat hulls, is the perfect cushi..


Bheka Turtle Versatile New Meditation Cushion Plus

This big meditation cushion is a great seat with a wonderful pedigree. Its history is a fu..


Guru Yoga Extra Large Silk/Cotton Eye Pillow

The Guru Yoga Extra Large Silk and Cotton Eye Pillow is perfect aid for the inward jou..


Meditation Zafu Cushion Cases (unfilled) - Second Quality

Second quality products have minor cosmetic imperfections and are offered as-is. Colors may vary som..


Organic Cotton Oversized Eye Pillow

Recent studies have shown that gentle pressure on the eyes and a completely dark environ..


Satin Eye Pillows

We fill these smooth satin eye pillows with about half a pound of food grade, organic ..


Unfilled Zafu Meditation Cushion Cases - Gayatri Mantra

Save on our zafu meditation cushions and fill your own! Our 100% cotton cushions can be filled with ..


Unfilled Zafu Meditation Cushion Cases - Lotus

Save on our zafu meditation cushions and fill your own! Our 100% cotton cushions can be filled with ..