Beginner's Manual Book

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Beginner's Manual Book

Alice Christensen's Beginner's Manual is a road map for the serious new yoga practitioner. Since its initial release in 1987, the book has sold 100,000 copies nationwide. Now, revised and updated with hundreds of fresh photographs, the book is ambitious in its scope and perfect for novices with a desire to learn. It has lots of suggested warm-up poses for getting started and numerous ideas for short meditations at the end of practice. You can fill the middle of your practice with 5 minutes of poses you like or longer sequences. If you want a clearly laid out program, that will help you to safely progress in your practice, the three core curriculums will be for you. Each one is 10 weeks in duration and designed to gradually familiarize you with an increasing range of poses. She gives you plenty of guidelines to know when you are ready to progress comfortably and good advice about not worrying about the days when you may have to skip your session. Plus, for days when you may need a quick pick me up, Christensen also includes a balanced asana sequence called "Short Routine for Busy Days". She really helps you to cover all the bases. Meditation techniques, breathing and nutrition are all discussed in depth as a means to deepen and balance the physical practice. Sections on prenatal yoga, yoga for stress relief and yoga as a complement to various sports make this a well-rounded guide for a wide audience. (A complete listing of sections appears below the buy button.) For the beginning yoga student who wants all the basics and then some, this book is a great choice. Alice Christensen founded the American Yoga Association, the first nonreligious, nonprofit yoga organization in the United States, in 1968 and has been training yoga teachers for 30 years. The American Yoga Association's Beginner's Manual is the distilled essence of her many years of experience.

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