Bheka Cotton Yoga Straps

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Bheka Cotton Yoga Straps

Bheka All Cotton Straps with Metal D-Rings or Plastic Side Release Buckles

Bheka all cotton yoga straps can be used for a multitude of poses: they can help you to extend your reach, open your shoulders and hips, maintain stretch in your arms or legs, and encourage you to move deeper overall into many yoga poses.

Our straps are built tough to give you years of service, but are soft to the touch. These are top quality straps.
      The denseness of our cotton strapping not only makes the straps strong, but it adds a stiffness which makes looping a strap and extending it easier than with a floppier, less dense strap.

Our D-rings are heavy so they can stand up to years of hard use and large enough to make it easy to loop your strap through.

Our plastic side release clasps are sturdy and easy to adjust.

Another unique, fine feature of our Bheka straps is the stitched end. This sturdy stitching eliminates the need for the sometimes sharp metal tab often used to cover the raw end of a strap. It also makes it less likely to unravel.

Every Bheka strap has our label and our quality assurance. If you are ever dissapointed with a Bheka product at any time, you can return it for a full refund of the purchase price.

Both our metal D-Ring and plastic side release straps are available 1.5" wide for comfort. The straps are made in 6, 8, and 10 foot lengths and come in Natural and Purple.

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