Bikram's Beginning Yoga Class Book

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Bikram's Beginning Yoga Class Book

For any student of Bikram Yoga who wants to practice at home or just wants details in writing about the 26 core postures of Bikram Yoga this book is a great resource. For other hatha yogis it is a fun read and an interesting and worthwhile practice. I suggest using a healthy dose of discrimination when using this book, however. Bikram is very strident in his insistence on doing yoga in a hot room or failing that with a pile of clothes on. Almost no one agrees with him on this and he has been very successful, so you be the judge. Bikram also has a tendency to suggest that you work harder to get into the poses than most other instructors. Be careful to listen to your own body and not the voice inside that says, "I can, I know I can." Bikram has a tendency to suggest that things that may take months and years for most people to accomplish can happen in days or weeks. Again, be careful and listen to your body. I know a lot of people who have injured themselves pushing to do things the "Bikram way", including myself many years ago. My final caveat is that Bikram seems to suggest that his program is all the yoga you ever need to do. I think it is silly to think that all people need the same 26 poses all their lives and no others. Still, it is a nice practice if you don't lose perspective and stay open to the idea that there are lots of other practices and postures for a reason.

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