Core Awareness Book

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Core Awareness Book

Core Awareness by Liz Koch is a luscious, full throated invitation to come in contact with your core body and to reshape it in healing ways. Fully awake to the idea that each of us is different and has our own work to do, Koch shows us where to start and things to look for as we explore our bodies. With a heavy focus on exercises which help us to connect to our pelvises, psoas muscles and abdominal movement she leads us to lengthen, strengthen and grow beyond our current boundaries. For yogis who love the feel of physical postures this book is a next step into a deeper experience of the body. Koch is excited to share how to access our own core wisdom with a combination of gentle mental focuses and movement explorations. For many of us this is the yoga we were meant to do and it is a coming home. Fully inhabiting our bodies for the first time, lead by a somatic explorer full of wisdom and experience. This quote from the book illustrates what Koch helps us to achieve, "Whether it be yoga, Pilates, exercise or dance, let your own somatic awareness be your guide to everything you do. When you become attentive to rather than ignore the innate pleasure of sensation, you will be moved from deep within by life's core wisdom." Through dozens of exercises and unique forms of practice Core Awareness shows us how. An international somatic educator and author, Liz Koch has thirty years of experience working with and specializing in the psoas muscle. Educating both laypersons and professionals, Koch is recognized by colleagues in the movement, wellness, and fitness professions as a connoisseur of the core muscle of the human body. She is the founder of Core Awareness, a somatic approach to deepening the experience of the human core in order to improve skeletal alignment, balance, and orientation. She conducts Core Awareness workshops thoughout the United States, Canada, and the UK. High Praise for Core Awareness: "Liz Koch's brilliant offerings contribute essential insights for all who are engaged in somatic experience." - Emilie Conrad, founder of Continuum Movement "Liz Koch offers us a rich and profound understanding of movement. Her extensive research on the psoas muscle provides an important entry into the body and leads the reader into an appreciation of a holistic view as opposed to a more familiar idiosyncratic or mechanical view. Every serious student and practitioner will find this book a must for their library." - Anna Halprin, dance pioneer. "It seems that yoga classes are offered on every corner these days, but unfortunately they often emphasize movement over awareness, stretching over sensing, and pushing oneself over self-exploration. Luckily Liz Koch's book can offer the yoga student inspiration as well as simple exercises which can create both the depth of feeling and the profound sensitivity necessary to use yoga practice as a physical, mental, and spiritual tool for transformation. I recommend it highly." - Judith Hanson Lasater, PhD, PT, yoga yeacher.

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