Straps (Aerial Straps)

Straps (Aerial Straps)
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1 Inch Wide Cotton Yoga Straps

The one inch wide bheka Cotton Yoga Strap is a traditional prop that makes it ..


Bheka Cotton Yoga Straps

Bheka All Cotton Straps with Metal D-Rings or Plastic Side Release Buckles Bheka all cotton yoga ..


Mysore Mini Yoga Inversion Strap and Accessories

The Mysore Mini Yoga Inversion strap and door fittings makes the benefit of a full tractioning of th..


Mysore Yoga Strap

Mysore Yoga Strap: A versatile prop great for yogis at all levels The Mysore Yoga Strap brings th..


Wai Lana Green Organic Cotton Yoga Strap

100% organic cotton Sturdy D-ring buckle Comfortable and convenient to use Helps hold and d..