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"Yoga for Everyone" DVD Tripack

This series makes the health-giving practice of yoga easy and accessible to all. Tripack i..


Easy Meditation for Everyone

Everyone needs refuge from the stress, anxiety, fear, loneliness, emptiness, and other aspects of li..


Flexibility DVD

This effective, uplifting routine will ... Relieve back, shoulder, and neck tension Len..


Meditation Trilogy

Sacred sounds to conquer fear and anxiety. 3-CD set includes: Rest and Relax Yoga Music o..


Rest and Relax CD

On this CD, Wai Lana talks you through two relaxation techniques, followed by a restful meditation. ..


Stamina DVD

Through this energizing yoga session you will ... Build strength, stamina, and determination ..


Strengthening DVD

This invigorating workout helps you ... Build strong, healthy bones Firm your thighs and but..


Yoga Music of the Heart

This album features some of the world's most outstanding and renowned musicians/guitarists, whose co..


Yoga Nidra CD

Yoga Nidra (yoga rest) is a wonderful ancient technique that gives you a simple method for reaching ..


Yoga Sound

Yoga sound is the heart and soul of yoga. Let Wai Lana's Yoga Sound™ take you on a meditative j..