Karmic Management Book

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Karmic Management Book

According to Michael Roach, Christie McNally, and Michael Gordon, life is a long string of jobs. Moving from the wisdom offered in the best-selling Diamond Cutter by Geshe Michael Roach, the authors offer further instruction on how to be the energetic commander of your karma in their follow-up book, Karmic Management. All of the jobs that life seems to be built from, from daily tasks to life-long dreams, relate to the same basic karmic approach that we carry within us. Applicable to the business world of today, the authors offer instructions, assignments, and questions designed to bring you into a position of authority in your success. The book is designed to put you on a fast-track of positive, effective thinking. Becoming familiar with the Eight Rules of Karmic Management as presented by the authors can be done in a short plane ride or a long lunch hour. Karmic Management Chapter List: Success, Certain The Factory, the University, and the Hair Salon KM Rule #1 Stop Doing Things That Don't Work KM Rule #2 Find the Cause of the Causes KM Rule #3 Identify Your Karmic Business Partners KM Rule #4 Start from Yourself KM Rule #5 Stop Making Decisions KM Rule #6 Load Your Stapler KM Rule #7 Ride Your Problems Over the Top KM Rule #8 Re-Invest the Karma Don't Stop Here: Going Further with KM

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