Meditation Zafu Cushion Cases (unfilled) - Second Quality

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Meditation Zafu Cushion Cases (unfilled) - Second Quality

Second quality products have minor cosmetic imperfections and are offered as-is. Colors may vary somewhat from photos shown.

Save on our zafu meditation cushions and fill your own! Our 100% cotton cushions can be filled with approximately 5 pounds of buckwheat hulls or your choice of other filling through their zippered opening.

Zafus have been used for everyday sitting in Asia for centuries. Today the zafu is rediscovered by Westerners for meditation, yoga, and a simple home furnishing.

The zafu is perfect for sitting meditation and pranayama practice. Sitting in elevated "easy pose" (cross-legged) creates a pelvic tilt, bringing length and alignment to the spine. It is also great for stretching the back, and converts almost any chair into a tilt seat for autonomous sitting.

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