Mysore Mini Yoga Inversion Strap and Accessories

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Mysore Mini Yoga Inversion Strap and Accessories

The Mysore Mini Yoga Inversion strap and door fittings makes the benefit of a full tractioning of the spine accessible to anyone with a sturdy door. Plus you will be surprised how much fun it is to do your favorite poses on this pelvic swing. It will also give you a soothing massage to your back or internal organs while helping you to stretch in entirely new ways. The hanging experience supports sacral and digestive health as well. Below you will see 5 beginning poses plus instructions for getting into them.
      Rigging is very important. This strap is designed for users weighing 300 pounds or less. The old version of this strap was only rated up to 200 pounds but too many people could not use it so we have made it sturdier. Take special care each time you use the strap to make sure all rigging is secure and shows no signs of damage or wear.
      Where you rig is very important. We suggest that before mounting door hangers or other fittings you have an engineer evaluate the location and materials you intend to use. Door hangers are available below and ceiling mounting pieces are available here. The longer strap on this page is suggested for ceiling mounting, though a mini strap can be mounted to the ceiling as well. It may however be too short for poses where you want to be supported just a few inches from the floor.
        People who are advised not to try this form of yoga exercise are those with headaches, high blood pressure, heart disease, menstruation and late term pregnancy. All users are advised to check with their physicians before strenuous physical exercise of this nature.


This is the most basic inverted pose. Once you get used to getting into and out of this pose you will be ready to do a variety of inverted and backward bending poses.
     Using silver tri-glides on the side of each strap adjust them so the center of the padded area hangs a few inches below your groin. Then position yourself between the padded section of strap and the door but so your toes are very close to the bottom of the door. From here you want to lean back into the strap with it cradling your lower back and hips. Your hands should be holding the strap on either side. Now you can walk up the door. As your feet go higher your torso will tip toward the floor and the strap will take your full weight. This is easier than it sounds.


This Diamond variation uses the cobbler pose to add some variation and get your legs involved. Here you can see the feet and legs are behind the strap. Another variation would be to bring the feet and lower legs in front of the strap. Always bring them around the side not through the center, since bringing them through the center would result in you falling out of the strap.


This is probably the easiest basic hang and if you have never done anything like this before, you most likely will want to start here. After adjusting the strap so it hangs to about mid thigh you can lean forward into the strap and curl downward hanging in rag doll. Though simple this will give a toning stretch to the lower legs and hamstrings, while tractioning the spine and giving a soothing massage to the digestive tract. It will also allow you to get used to full inversion in a way that keeps your feet on the ground.


Doing the Wheel Pose Supported by the Mysore Door hanging strap is a great way to deepen your back stretch when you have no partner to assist. It also allows you to work on your flexibility with less reliance on upper body strength. You can work on developing your upper body strength by pressing into the ground from here, if you like. You get the benefit of a deep back stretch either way.


I just love doing plank pose supported by my Mysore Yoga Strap. I find it somehow magical to be able to float out over the earth cantilevered out from the door and held aloft primarily by the strap. This is a way to gently work your core without the need for a lot of arm strength. As you can see here I am on my fingertips and toes, more or less in flight. Wheeee!


Before doing anything, check with an engineer to make sure your location is suitable for doing this. While I have found that most doors can support this use, each situation is different and must be evaluated individually. Proceed with caution. Once your situation has been properly evaluated, take one door hanger and slide it so it will be above your hip when you are standing at the center of the doorway. Close the door enough to keep it in place while allowing room to put the next hanger where it goes.


Once you slide the second hanger into place, above your other hip when standing in the center of the doorway, you can close the door.


Now that you have both hangers snugly in place and the door is closed, you can attach the Mysore Strap using the convenient and quick links. Now with the strap in place pull on the straps and give them full weight with your feet still on the ground. Give it some weight and bounce around on it making sure it will support you. Once you are convinced it is ready for use have fun.
    Be sure to inspect the strap and door hangers after and before every use. You don't want to discover a mouse has nibbled through something after you are hiked out over the floor.

The Mysore Yoga Strap Door hangers are made to support more than 150 pounds each we sell them only in pairs and suggest you use them that way.

The custom made Sherpa Strap cover adds comfort to the hanging experience.

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