The Tree of Yoga Book

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The Tree of Yoga Book

This book was the forerunner to Iyengar's new classic text Light on Life. Like the new book, this book explores the ways that yoga can reach deeply into your life, helping you to be healthier and happier. Drawn from lectures and classes Iyengar gave in the early and mid eighties this book is truly, "in his voice" and is as close as one can come to receiving the teaching directly, without actually seeking him out. Since most of the chapters are short it is the sort of book that is easy to look at a little at a time. The scope is wide ranging and is sure to inform your practice and your life. Areas covered include yoga in all stages of life including, love, marriage and family life, yoga and health, the yoga sutras, meditation and teaching yoga. For anyone interested in the philosophy of yoga and the thoughts of a man who has influenced the growth of yoga in the West for the past 50 years this book is a valuable resource.

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