Wheels of Life Book

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Wheels of Life Book

Anodea Judith has finally come out with the second edition of her seminal book on the chakra system. Few Westerners knew what the word ‘chakra’ meant before 1987, when Judith introduced the system to popular culture through the first edition of Wheels of Life. Now in this new edition, Anodea Judith has streamlined her classic guidebook into a more readable, accessible format. This edition is replete with graphs, charts, and images which make the book both a joy to flip through and to use for focused study. Each chakra has its own thorough section, which includes each corresponding Sanskrit name and English translation, element, associated body parts and organs, functions and malfunctions, and over a dozen more symbols and correspondences laid out in a clear graph. Judith’s illuminating yet grounded writing carries the reader through a helpful understanding of the human energy system, emotion, sexuality, and power. How do we channel our sexual energy into a healthy, and even transformative state? How do we manage our emotions in our relationships and lives? Judith offers enlightened exercises, advice, reflection, and systematic understanding to help the answers to these questions come to light. Wheels of Life is a resource for students and teachers of healing modalities, yoga, relationship, and living. This book will probably soon have a curled back front cover for how many times you will find yourself pulling it off the shelf to inform your research, curiosity, and life. Anodea Judith, Ph.D., the founder and director of Sacred Centers, is a groundbreaking writer and spiritual teacher. She holds master's and doctoral degrees in psychology and human health and is a 500-hour registered yoga teacher. Judith is considered one of the country's foremost experts on the relationship between chakras and therapeutic issues as well as the interpretation of the chakra system for the Western lifestyle. She teaches workshops globally and certifies others in her work through Sacred Centers. The companion DVD to this book is Anodea Judith's vibrant video on the chakras The Illuminated Chakras DVD.

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