Yoga Gems Book

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Yoga Gems Book

Yoga Gems is a fun inspiring book for any yoga enthusiast. Filled with snippets of wisdom and interesting quotes from ancient and modern yoga masters. According to editor Georg Feuerstein, "Yoga's five-thousand year old heritage contains incredible nuggets of spiritual and psychological insight, which Yoga Gems seeks to make available through simple but profound quotations". Among the many themes touched on in the book are: the process of inner growth, the value of silence, how to infuse life with joy, universal kinship, overcoming suffering and grief, and bringing out the best that is inside us all. It is a great book to take as a travel companion or leave by the bed for a few beautiful thoughts before sleep.

A world reknowned yoga researcher, Georg Feuerstein, PH.D. held degrees in Indology and the history of religion. Formerly the Director of the Yoga Research Center, and a contributing editor of Yoga Journal, Inner Directions and Intuition.  The world mourned his loss in 2012.

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