Yoga in Action Preliminary Course Book

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Yoga in Action Preliminary Course Book

This publication from Geeta S. Iyengar is meant as a manual for the new practitioners of Iyengar Yoga and others desiring complete instructions on the basic poses. It is often very difficult for students to practice on their own what they have learned in their classes under the direction of their teacher. This book expertly guides the student by providing detailed instruction of every action that they need to take in the performance of individual asanas. It has several graphics accompanying each posture, not only of the final classical asanas but also the intermediary stages and the use of props. It is not conventionally bound but is spirally-bound making it very convenient for the practitioner to use as a practical manual by laying it flat open on the floor during practice. This is a valuable asset for all those studying Iyengar Yoga. It gives a systematic and comprehensive approach to practicing or teaching all the basic poses in this great tradition.

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