Yoga Sequencing Book

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Yoga Sequencing Book

If you are a yoga teacher who wants sequencing ideas or a student who wants to create beneficial routines to do at home and share with friends, this Yoga Sequencing by Mark Stephens is made for you. This book breaks down and makes plain simple rules for effective posture sequences and it does it with a clear connection to the spirit of yoga. Yoga philosophy including the chakras and ayurveda are covered extensively and sequences to work with these areas are included. There are sequences for the young the old and everyone in between whether they are fit, expert in yoga or beginners or in need of restorative practices. This is a wonderful resource for the teacher who sees a broad range of students and wants to create sequences for each. At over 500 pages with thousands of easy to follow photographic illustrations detailing 67 specific sequences and 125 different poses, this book is a comprehensive guide to yoga sequencing that most yoga teachers and serious students will find valuable time after time. Mark Stephens has founded and directed two yoga studios, L.A. Yoga Center and Santa Cruz Yoga, and has taught workshops and retreats worldwide. High Praise for Yoga Sequencing: “Yoga Sequencing is a great service to the yoga community as it covers the power of sequencing that all teachers can benefit from, as intelligent sequencing is the embodiment of the elegant design and unfolding of nature which Stephens understands and loves.” - Shiva Rea “Yoga Sequencing is going to be very helpful to a lot of people, both teachers and students alike. Sequencing is an art. It is one of the most interesting and most important elements in class and practice in terms of safety, creative class design, and effectiveness. It plays a pivotal role in terms of orchestrating the kind of experience the practitioner will have. Ultimately you learn to be sequenced from within, but familiarizing yourself with the strategies in this book will go a long way toward promoting that end.” - Erich Schiffmann “A comprehensive, timely, and much-needed work on the important art of sequencing. Mark’s well-researched and systematically laid-out book is certain to become an instant classic and a reliable resource for all teachers of yoga asana, both beginning and experienced. It is essential reading for any teacher training program that wishes to be considered state-of-the art.” - Leslie Kaminoff

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